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Restore and Renew your mind and body today!

Since our doors open in 2021, we have focused on the idea of making you, the client comfortable. At Restore and Renew we accommodate your needs. We are willing to have sessions in an environment that fits your needs to ensure that you are comfortable once it is a safe location. For example, we can have sessions at a park, library, your home etc. However, we have an office that you can visit for your sessions. Additionally, we are offering online sessions via Zoom Telehealth if that is another route you would like to consider.
If you have stopped receiving therapy, would like to receive therapy, or interested in how you can get a therapist contact us today!

Book Online: Covid-19 Restrictions
  • 45-55 minutes (One-on-One Sessions)

    45 min

    $130 per session
  • 1.5 hr session Due to Covid Restrictions no more than 5 in a session.

    1 hr 30 min

    $175 per session
  • 1.5 hr Session

    1 hr 30 min

    $150 per session
  • Sessions time will vary. Sessions can last up to 3hrs.

    1 hr

    Starting $20/ per hr
Book Online: Bookings
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